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Where medical grade meets relaxation!   At Skin Spa we pride ourselves on utilizing a holistic medical approach to skin care, working closely with our clients to create a realistic, consistent plan to effectively reach your skin goal.         

Located in the heart of Riverside, California- we at Skin Spa believe in continued education to learn the most advanced techniques.  Experience medical results with the power of our holistic approach and discover the beauty that lies within Skin Spa. 

Our goal is to always see you leave rejuvenated with your body, mind and soul.


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Medical Grade Treatments meet relaxation!

Need help achieving the skin of your dreams? At Skin Spa, our holistic approach combines medical grade treatments and clinical expertise to provide effective solutions for a various skin concerns.  With a focus on meeting the individual needs of each client, these treatments aim to enhance both the physical and emotional well-being.  In a serene and tranquil setting, relaxation is intertwined with a holistic approach that considers the body, mind and spirit.

Discover a sanctuary where science meets self-care, and experience the transformative power of medical grade treatments in a environment dedicated to your complete rejuvenation.

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First Time Client?

That’s where we come in! For first time clients, we recommend starting with a personalized skin assessment so that we can learn more about your current skincare regimen, skin concerns and goals – all while formulating the perfect customized treatment plan, just for you!

What Makes Our Spa Stand Out?